SocialWorks Update – Possible new location and time slot

by dramawayadmin

Hi SocialWorks Participants and Families

Just letting you know we have been listening to your feedback and been spending the recent weeks searching for a new location once again. We know many of you have voiced your preference to have the program running near Square One or closer to ErinMills Parkway and Burnamthorpe area.  We are now back in touch with the Peel Dufferin School Board Rental Office once again who is currently working to help us secure a reasonably priced, accessible space for the remaining Winter/Spring months. Our only challenge now is to see if we can break our contract with Streetsville United Church since we booked and paid upfront all of our our dates before we this year. Therefore, we’ll keep you posted.

We’ve also been advised by the permit office, that likely the only 2-hour time slot that could work would be the 6 to 8 pm time slot if they could indeed find us an available school. Would this change deter any of you at all? Considering it’s a half an hour later than our current time slot.  We want to ensure this could work before moving ahead with any potential bookings the board may present us with.   Also here’s a link of the map for the school St. Marks which seems as though it’s available come the new year:,0,7215841572264569245&ei=Ou6MUsKOBoiUqwGT3YGgAQ&ved=0CKQBEPwSMAs

Please email us directly at your earliest convenience at to share your thought and feedback surrounding this new location/timeslot issue.

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Thanks so much for your cooperation.