RhythmWorks East Update 2014

by dramawayadmin

Last year, the group finished up workshopping a hip-hop routine to the tune of “Get Lucky” by Daft Funk. They made history at DramaWay, as it’s the first time they finished doing choreography to an entire song. Congrats dancers!


Afterwards, they started working on a stage remake of Feist’s video of “1234” which takes in some jazz and acrobatic elements. Everyone loves Feist and her creative music, so I’m sure you’ll all be excited to see what our dancers did with this piece.


They are now continuing to work on that piece this year as well and they plan to gradually transition into a contemporary piece. Their Choreographer Gerald Fantone @GP Fantone hopes to implement the use of variation to inject visual and dramatic variety within their contemporary piece. The piece will be to the tune of “Wind” by Brian Canston.  We look forward to see what the group will come up with.


We leave you with a past clip done by Shawn Jurek of @Shawn Jurek Mastering at one of our past Annual Multi Arts Open Class Showcases.