MovieWorks West is eager to have Brooke B take on Head Facilitator as Mira S joins to support the group!

by dramawayadmin

Hello All:

As we move into the Winter & Spring Term of MovieWorks west we say Farewell for now to Alanna Balicki, but we are reassured to know she’s still involved in many other DramaWay programs, so we’ll be seeing her forsure.  We are glad to have Brooke and Mira as our staff team, as the group moves into our winter term.  This week we’ll be continuing work on our individual Movie Monologues.  Our staff will guide the group in improvisations about what’s happening directly before their scene and then move into short movement sequences for each character. There will also be time afforded for reviewing each monologue in this process.  There will also be emphasis placed on memorization and our staff will work with our actors to develop specific gestures for each line.  Our hope is that by incorporating set gestures per line, it will be easier for our actors to recall lines.  Time will also be set aside for finding nuance within the text.  As always, everyone can look forward to finishing off with our Magic Disc exercise which allows the group to share any observations for the day and put closure to the work for that day.  This is a MovieWorks West tradition and remains steady through the terms.

Reminder to bring dry indoor shoes and a bottle of water each week.7th revision of script more to come by lizz