RhythmWorks West Dancers build strength while counting stars with Brooke Banning!

by dramawayadmin

Our dancers continue to turn up the heat while Toronto freezes during this icy cold weather.

It was a true delight to see all of our dancers arriving in their dance gear, sweat pants and water bottles in hand last week after enjoying our MovieWorks West Open Class. As usual they did their typical dance warm-up, and it was clear everyone was keen on returning and eager to bust a move with our Head Choreographer Brooke Banning supported by our weekly volunteer Jenny Hodgson.  Everyone looks forward to having Mira S, back in action this week also and she will continue on with us until the Spring. It’s great to have Mira back supporting our West end classes, as we often get to enjoy her support primarily out in the East.  Welcome back Mira.

This coming Saturday, our dancers can look forward to more strengthening exercises, while also reviewing E.T. and their Intergalactic dances as well as continuing to rehearse their choreography to Counting Stars.