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Month: February, 2014

Canada wins Gold!

I’m sure you’ve all recently had fun watching our #Canadian #Olympians amongst others during the #Olympics.  Well, I bet many of you don’t know that our dear friend and #DramaWay actress Nicole Flynn, is also quite a stellar #athlete.  She recently got her first gold in #SpeedSwimming last weekend. Can you believe she is 2 seconds off a National time in butterfly? I sure didn’t. That’s incredible. Absolutely outstanding.

We send our congrats to her as she’s off at yet another event this weekend, meanwhile her film is debuting in Bellville.

So proud of you lady! Keep it up.




Who needs #BreakingBad or #Dexter when you’ve got MovieWorks Film class to inspire you!

MovieWorks was action packed this past week and full of creativity.  As always, our group enjoyed sharing News with Brooke and Mira.

We had fun trying to shake off the cold with a summer inspired focus activity. The actors engaged in a beach ball focus exercise which also served as a team-building activity. Everyone enjoyed watching James as he was filmed doing his movie monologue.

The highlight was moving onto their Build-A-Story project. We finished off the actual verbal creation of the story and are now beginning to film the project in which each student says one word of a story, as if we are creating the story together, and as the story is told, it begins to magically appear around them. So far, the story we have been developing is about a Monkey who attempts to rob a bank with water guns – his plan is foiled when he falls asleep in the middle of his heist.
Who needs #BreakingBad or #Dexter when you’ve got original stories involving a #monkey, #robbery and #waterguns?! Not me!
The group also had fun creating and developing Silent Scenes.
Can’t wait to see the work at your final Open Class MovieWorks actors!
Credit to Brooke B and Mira S for their weekly support.
Special shout out to our past MW Facilitators such as Gerald Fantone & Alanna Balicki!

Have you been star gazing lately? Well RhythmWorks West has been busy Counting Stars!

As always, our RhythmWorks West dancers have been having fun with @BrookeBanning and Jenny Hodgson on Saturdays at dance class.

They are dedicated to their strength training, and always engage in a fun active warm-up, socks off and all!

Then, they move into reviewing previous dances such as E.T, Intergalactic, and Counting Stars. I am personally very excited about their next mission of starting their ballet routine to Space Oddity!

These dancers are definitely ‘out of this world’!

We are also delighted to hear that our good friend Melody is now out of the hospital. We’ve been shakin’ our booties for her for weeks now.  Glad to hear she’s getting to return home.

Best wishes from all your DramaWay friends!Photo Jun 14, 10 07 55 PM


Rehearsal Tools – Video Links for you to practise all our dances and choreography related to our Adapted Grease Production 2014

Thanks to the technical support of Lizz Hodgson we have managed to gather all of our Grease related tutorials on YouTube and created a specific video playlist from it to make it easy for you to find.

Once started, this will play the entire list of Grease related tutorials and videos put up on YouTube. This way there is no searching through, you can just hit play and let it play through.

Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjJKgCiGv-tVfo7rxqJdyEmBV3KHdyfVY

New Summer Lovin’ Male and Female Dance Tutorials filmed this past week available here:

and here:


Summer Nights Rehearsal Tool – Female Characters Only

Hi Everyone

Thanks to Lizz Hodgson and Morgan Joy we now have your online tutorial available. Please watch and bookmark this video so you can watch daily and rehearse as often as possible. This is the version for any of you playing a female character in our 2014 Production of Grease.  This includes Pink Ladies, Patty or Cha-Cha & Miss. Lynch.


Summer Nights Tutorial for those playing a male Character in the Play.

Here’s our Rehearsal Tutorial for T-Birds, Eugene, Mr. Lynch & Vince Fontaine.


DramaWay Annual Multi Arts Open Class Showcase 2014

Brian Roberts Design

Lizz Hodgson is back supporting our ExpressionWorks Program with our first ever evening workshop in Claymation & Animation!

Claymation & Animation is the next exciting and upcoming four week session of our popular ExpressionWorks program.

During these four weeks participants will work with experienced Filmmaker Lizz Hodgson to learn and experience the following:

– Become introduced to a wide variety of animation and claymation samples
– Learn the fundamentals of claymation and animation
– Learn about story line and character development 


– Master making a small character with clay
– Focus on character movement and how this translates onto film
– Learning camera techniques when filming claymation/animation short films


– Experiment with creative backgrounds and settings for characters
– Enjoy collaboration with fellow participants and Facilitators in creating a short claymation/animation film with created characters from the previous weeks


The film created in ExpressionWorks Claymation and Animation will be made available on DramaWay’s YouTube channel after the completion of the program.
Here’s a sample of a past workshop we did in just a few days at our Summer Camp Program, to give you an idea of the style we have done in the past.
This years work will be inspired and based on the interests of our current attendees.

SingingWorks Rehearsal Tools – Watch these video links when ever you can at home to learn the songs for our Showcase!

Hello SingingWorks Vocalists:

Thanks to our Tech Savvy long time volunteer and DramaWay alumni, Jake Calvo, we are now able to have all the Youtube links of the songs we are working on for our year end Annual Multi Arts West End Showcase taking place on May 29th.

Here are the Youtube links

Lorde Royals   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlcIKh6sBtc

Lou Reed Perfect Day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYEC4TZsy-Y

Sara Bareilles  Brave   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUQsqBqxoR4

Everly Brothers  Wake up Little Suzy    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4X7b2E_Jq-k

Katy Perry   Roar       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CevxZvSJLk8

The Lumineers
 Hey Ho  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvCBSSwgtg4

The Beatles Yesterday  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WQAl5nJWHs

Bruno Mars   Young Girls   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyM5AjiZris

Keep in mind, WE CANNOT PROMISE TO INCLUDE ALL THESE SONGS IN THE SHOWCASE. We are currently working on them all, but they may not all make it into the showcase. Please keep an open mind, and we will update you closer to the date as to which ones will make it onto our final list. Thanks for your hard work and dedication, Lara, Adam and I enjoy watching you rehearse with such passion each week.

We also welcome our new friends Sam, Avalon and Alex to Thursday nights.

Love Danielle & West end Senior Staff & Volunteer Team

DramaWorks gets into Character while heating up the dance floor!

ImageHere is a photo of our Group B DramaWorks performers getting deep into action during a recent rehearsals. After Valentines Day our Pink Ladies were working on their moves for Summer Nights with our Choreographer Morgan Joy. It was a blast and we even had one performer bring her own Pink Lady Jacket! Way to go.

We also spent this past week working on our big final scene – the High School Dance with Mr. Vince Fontaine. Our group had no problems hootin’ and hollerin’ to show it was a happening High School Dance. We’ve all been there… done that! You know you remember doing those cheesy dance moves trying to impress that special someone or up one of your friends.

So, we will soon have a Video Link up on You Tube with our Rehearsal Tutorial of our Summer Nights Dance/Choreography.

Remember, the Pink Ladies tutorial stands for anyone playing Pink Ladies, as well as a female such as Miss. Lynch, Patty Simcox or Cha-Cha.  While the T-Birds Tutorial goes out to all those playing T-Bird characters, Eugene as well as our male Mr. Lynch. Try to watch it as often as you can.







Meanwhile, our West End group was busy rehearsing while also sending a special message to our dear friends Carter & Charlotte. Here’s the group gathered together ready to take a video message and photo for our friends.  Such a caring and hard working group.


Reminder to all T-Birds that you are encouraged to bring your own comb or hair brush to work on your slickster moves.  It’s more hygienic than us bringing you one and it getting mixed up with someone elses. If you need us to get you one if you cannot, please advise us and we will arrange to get you your own.