ExpressionWorks takes on Playwrighting.

by dramawayadmin

7th revision of script more to come by lizzWith one of our long time participants back in action this week at ExpressionWorks, and the support of an additional staff member, we were buzzing with excitement down at Birch Avenue.

Alanna led the staff and volunteers through a quick training session prior to the program start time, which was beneficial to all involved.

The group particularly enjoyed their time in Playwriting exploring various different approaches to bringing out Sneakiness, Feeling Clumsy, Being Self-Interested and other areas. Although we didn’t have as much time to focus on hygiene as we had intended, the group enjoyed every minute and we are delighted to see the programming is impacting and beneficial for all involved.

As a reminder, we encourage all participants to attend class with a bottle of water and indoor shoes.