SocialWorks gets vocal as they move into Speech & Public Speaking segment!

by dramawayadmin

Hello SocialWorks Families and Participants!
Last week and once again this week we will be focusing on public speaking and public presence.
We talking about different parts of speech and speeches such as:
Enunciation (through the use of tongue twisters – practicing this at home could be fun for the whole family!)
Pronunciation (through the use of tongue twisters)
Eye Contact
Body Language
Projection and Vocal Presence
Facts vs Opinions
and Cause and Effect
Over the next few weeks we will be working on speeches to present to the class. We began brainstorming speech topics in class, however with the little time that we do have every week – we ask that you please form a brainstorm sheet or a rough draft of a small speech (150 words or so, about a minute long – no more than 2 minutes if longer) to bring to class this week. We spoke about choosing a topic that is interesting and passionate to us – if you are interested everyone else will be too! It can be on any given topic that your teen choses (that differs from a previous speech they may have done) and get creative with it! In addition, visual aids or “show and tell” are welcomed 🙂 
We understand that everyone has a busy schedule, so if you are unable to bring a little draft in this week, we will try to formulate one in class when time permits and the final copy can be worked on at home and finalized for class presentations on March 3rd
We are also working towards having a full week/all day SocialWorks + Multi Arts Summer camp during the first week of August, if you would like to send us your feedback to express your interest/disinterest in the camp it would be helpful in our planning to going forward! We are currently waiting to hear back from school board regarding available rental facilities. If any of you have any contacts, we’d be most grateful.
Have a great week, see you all on Friday!