Lizz Hodgson is back supporting our ExpressionWorks Program with our first ever evening workshop in Claymation & Animation!

by dramawayadmin

Claymation & Animation is the next exciting and upcoming four week session of our popular ExpressionWorks program.

During these four weeks participants will work with experienced Filmmaker Lizz Hodgson to learn and experience the following:

– Become introduced to a wide variety of animation and claymation samples
– Learn the fundamentals of claymation and animation
– Learn about story line and character development 


– Master making a small character with clay
– Focus on character movement and how this translates onto film
– Learning camera techniques when filming claymation/animation short films


– Experiment with creative backgrounds and settings for characters
– Enjoy collaboration with fellow participants and Facilitators in creating a short claymation/animation film with created characters from the previous weeks


The film created in ExpressionWorks Claymation and Animation will be made available on DramaWay’s YouTube channel after the completion of the program.
Here’s a sample of a past workshop we did in just a few days at our Summer Camp Program, to give you an idea of the style we have done in the past.
This years work will be inspired and based on the interests of our current attendees.