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Month: March, 2014

Creative Arts for a Strong Community – Article about DramaWay. Take a listen



SingingWorks Vocal Group performs Adeles’ song Rolling in the Deep

An old clip for our dear friend Raquelle Neto who is currently in the Trillium Hospital.

We send you love and best wishes.


Register today for our Tuesday Evening Shakespeare Camp this summer of 2014

http://dramaway.com/dramawcollage by patricia parker Shakes 1ay/programs/multiarts-enrichment-camp/shakespeareworks-evening

Maya Rubin performs with DramaWay

An old clip we’d love to share posted by Ben Rubin.

Thanks Ben.

Maya performs with DramaWorks Program at DramaWay


Choreography showcased by our Summer Evening Multi-Arts Campers

Here’s a piece of choreography we did during one of our past Summer Evening Multi-Arts Camps in Toronto.

We are currently accepting enrollment for our three evening summer camps and ActingWorks today.

You can enroll by clicking here: http://dramaway.com/dramaway/programs/multiarts-enrichment-camp


Take a look at this clip from the past.

Enjoy and hope to see you this summer.


SocialWorks West – week of March 28

I had a blast visiting with our SocialWorks West Crew last night out in Mississauga. Though small in numbers, this group is making huge progress in the area of interview preperation, while also heating up the dance floor with their dance moves.

I enjoyed watching their role plays and small group discussions on how to be appropriate while attending a job interview.  I was given great advice and tips for while attending an interview, and also some helpful advice as to how to best be prepared when going into an interview.

Unfortunately, there was a problem with  the school bell, so the caretaker let us in a few minutes late, but everything began quickly and it’s always a blast to watch our wonderful Adina Isaacs in action with our dedicated and lively volunteers, Antonio, Corina, Yanko & Kitty. We missed Maddie & Emily last night but I look forward to seeing them in the future.

Keep up the great work guys and again, you are all welcome to help out at our Multi Arts Open Class Showcase as Ushers if your families can get you to and from the big day on May 29th and/or June 14th.

Contact our office for details! It’s a great way to put your leadership skills into action!

One of many articles that can help in relation to the above topic! Enjoy







Sticky Hands and Busy Eyes!

Our ExpressionWorks group enjoyed working yet again with award winning Filmmaker Lizz Hodgson. Everyone started making their clay creatures based on their personal interests, while also watching one example of Claymation.  The group was also busy making backgrounds for their future filming.  It was a busy night!

We look forward to seeing the final outcome which we’ll make available through our DramaWay You Tube Channell. If you have not yet subscribed we encourage you to do so at your earliest convenience.


SocialWorks West

Hi Everyone
Not sure of how many of you will see this prior to me attending tonight. But I do hope to pop out to visit this evening. Unfortunately, Emily Marino is under the weather so to ensure she doesn’t pass along any germs, she’s going to remain home this week. She’ll miss you all, but I will have the pleasure of getting to visit with most of you. As Saylah has made me promise to bring her along, I likely will only be there for the first hour. So I’d love if any family members that I haven’t seen in a while had a chance to pop in at the start, I”ll be grateful and honoured to say a quick hello at that time.

Much appreciated!



World Down Syndrome Day & The Rainbow Kid Campaign. They still need our support & donations! Help if you can!

Hey everybody,

We’re excited to hear that The Rainbow Kid campaign is getting more recognition. On Friday, Rima Kar from City News did on great segment on Dylan and the film. Maybe you caught it. If not, you can check it out here. Spread the word.

While DramaWay was at the Circle21 event, Kire was at the Friday night DSAT World Down Syndrome Day event at the Brick Works meeting people from the special needs community and promoting the film. It was a fun night, full of drinks, food, mingling, orchestral covers of pop songs, and a feature length documentary. Dylan spent the night at the Circle 21 event with us where he was a guest speaker and had a chance to show a new short film he’s been working on.

With only 3 weeks left in their campaign, Kire tells me they still have a long way to go. Thanks again to everybody who’s donated to the film and helped get it out there. We are glad to be supporters and one of the many contributers to the campaign, but we hope for the projects sake they will be getting more press in the coming weeks.

Kire and Dylan tells me they need everybody to continue spreading the word and bringing traffic to their Kickstarter page. The more people we have visiting our campaign page the better chance they have at making it onto the Kickstarter home page. If they can make it onto the home page, even for a few days, then we’ll be visible to millions of new people.

Thanks in advance for putting up with me drawing attention frequently to this project, but it’s so rare our population gets to be shown in this light, so I’m proud to support.
I’m going to be blunt and encourage you all to take that next step and donate, even if it’s only as little as just a buck, every little bit does indeed help. Or visit their our Kickstarter page daily so they can get their numbers up, it’ll make all the difference in the world.

Last but not least. Here’s a video Kire cut together about Dylan Harman, his work ethic, and his dedication to making the best film possible. Enjoy!

Tickets now available online for our Year End Multi Arts Showcase 2014!

We are excited to announce that we have recently updated our website with information for both our Perfomers & Audience members for our upcoming Annual Multi Arts Open Class Showcase 2014 taking place on May 29th and June 14th.






Share the information re Audience Members to any families and friends you are interested in attending.

Please ensure as performers you review all the necessary information posted there. It includes what you need to wear for dress rehearsal and show day, as well as other important information.

For those eager to reserve your tickets knowing that we have limited seating, we encourage you to visit the links below ASAP.

Remember, that if you wait until the day of, we may be be sold out.  We cannot promise there will be tickets left. Therefore, we encourage you to purchase your tickets for the event online. As always, we remind families that when arranging seating on the day of, we encourage families to have only 4 people at a time seating together. We aim to avoid having full rows for particular families for obvious reasons, as we’d like to encourage everyone to share the seats. All seats both at Swansea and PapermillTheatre are great, but we’d still like to keep this approach when handling the seating arrangement.

If you are interested in volunteering at this event, do contact Lizz Hodgson as there are always tasks to do. You can contact her at dramawaycoordinator@gmail.com


We will also aim to have our year round programming information ready by the show dates, so that you can ensure to save your/your child’s spot for our 2014-2015 programming.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us.  As always, if you have any connections with the media or press and you think you can help us promote this worthy event showcasing our talented performers of ALL abilities, please let us know. We can send along the PSA for you to share.


Much appreciated, and we can’t wait for May 29th and June 14th.  Keep in mind, we are also excited by all of the other Open Classes which are open to the public, stay tuned for that info soon to come.