ExpressionWorks takes on Claymation & Animation with Lizz Hodgson of LA Hodgson Photography

by dramawayadmin



We are happy to give you a detailed outline of what our upcoming workshops will look for the next 4 weeks.

Reminder next week is march Break.

Tonight Alanna is off sick unfortunately but our staff will be there with the support of Lizz Hodgson. Adina will lead some fun LeadershipWorks activities with support of our staff and volunteers.

Have fun.

Week 1 –  March 6th

  • Tonight Lizz will present a brief introduction to animation/claymation

  • Showing some examples of popular claymation and the past DramaWay animation video made with M.A.E Summer camp 2010

  • Have fun doing an improv game to introduce different themes and different characters we may visit in our stories through claymation/animation

  • She will be incoporating Visuals of different themes the group will or could explore, represent the insect theme

  • Group will decide on world, story and character outline

Week 2 – March 27th (Short script for the story will be written for this week)

  • Group will enjoy a quick recap of previous class (*considering the March Break)

  • Sharing of techniques used in animation

  • They will be introduced to the clay and statues, different materials we will use to make our film

  • Participants will have fun teaming up to start creating their Insect character with a facilitator

  • Each will get a chance to look through the camera to see the background and some of our premade characters on TV

Week 3 –  April 3rd

  • This week will be awesome, as we embark on a Camera test on screen/Fun with the camera/Camera tricks

  • Samples of what the animation will look like, play with past techniques

  • Completion of cut out backgrounds

  • Start filming

Week 4 – April 10th

  • End of the happenings where we will get to view the Completion of film

  • Recap of what we learned

  • Watch some of the work

  • Take home of characters we created.

This is definitely going to be one of our highlights this term!