Lights, Camera, Access! Visiting ActingWorks Program next week!

by dramawayadmin

Lights, Camera, Access will be visiting our ActingWorks group next week!

Keep in mind we still have spots available if you’d like to attend.

Lights, Camera, Access mission is to provide services to advance the presence and participation of persons with disabilities in the entertainment and media industries.  Their company is key to helping people with disabilities find opportunities in the film, print and television industry. They provide access to experienced talent for clients seeking talent with disabilities.

Company Overview: Currently, people with disabilities are an invisible presence in the Canadian media. Lights, Camera, Access! (LCA!) is advocating to adjust this picture. LCA! connects this talented culture to employment and educational opportunities in Canada’s entertainment, arts and digital media industries. People with disabilities need to be reflected on our screens and involved in creating the stories behind the scenes. Change your media lens, engage in inclusion!


ActingWorks is excited to be getting a visit next week from Leesa Levinson, the Founder and Executive Director of Lights, Camera, Access!, a non-profit organization. Leesa is a working actor and is involved in numerous film and television projects, commercials and voiceover work, as well as live theatre.

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 16, Leesa continued to pursue acting and academics (Fanshawe College and Ryerson University’s Radio and Television Broadcasting programs). Leesa’s commitment to her acting career includes making changes in Toronto’s entertainment industry. As an active member of ACTRA Toronto for over 15 years, she was on their Diversity Committee as an Advocate for Members with Disabilities, where she focused on promoting the inclusion of talent with disabilities as mainstream in our media.

Currently Leesa is a board member for the Ontario Media Development Corporation, and is a member of the Arts and Culture Committee for the T.O. 2015 Pan American/Parapan American Games. Leesa is a former board member of WIFT-T (Women in Film and Television-Toronto), the Abilities Arts Festival and the Scarborough Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. She has made a long-term commitment to advocacy through her numerous volunteer, Board/committee and professional activities related to her field.

Leesa was awarded the 2011 Bob Marley Day Award. It recognizes individuals and organizations that play a leadership role in building bridges with our diverse communities. She has also been involved in several coalitions working towards the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the arts/media (e.g. MAP, Projections-Toronto’s first International Film Festival, and Access 2 Entertainment National Advisory Group). She has consulted for the CRTC, CAB, ACTRA Toronto, ACTRA Fraternal and the BBC, as well as the Media Access Office in Hollywood, California, and the U.S. Screen Actors’ Guild Disabilities Committee. Leesa is passionate and speaks regularly at industry events, and continues to actively aspire to learn, advocate and promote change in the Canadian entertainment industry.

Date yet to be announced, but will take place between March 10 – 14, 2014

We are also excited to have Patricia Parker, our talented Volunteer Photographer out to take head shots of our actors on Tuesday, March 11th between 12 – 1 pm.

This will definitely be an exciting week for all involved!

Danielle & ActingWorks Team, in partnership with Peanut Butter People.