SocialWorks Wishes You A Happy March Break! But first a note….

by dramawayadmin

Dear SocialWorks and Participants,

This week we finished up our speeches (soon to be posted up on the blog)! We hope everyone enjoys a great March Break as there is NO CLASS THIS FRIDAY, MARCH 14th! Once we return from the March Break, we will come back for a review class of all topics we have done in the prior sessions in preparation for our final class – before we move on to talk about Auditions and Job Interviews. Following this note, is the beginning of an original composition we are working on all together in class, to include in our final showcase! See below and enjoy!

Have a Great March Break!

Adina & The SocialWorks Team 🙂


SocialWorks Original Composition

Written by: Adina Isaacs and Emily Marino & The SocialWorks Crew

to the tune of “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry

Intro (performed by M. Bodach):

Yeah! You know what this is? – It’s SocialWorks Mississauga! Friday nights! It’s me, M-Dawg  are you ready? 6:30!


I know you’re here to watch SocialWorks, and we have a great show for you

At SocialWorks we do lots of things, everything and anything

We learn about hygiene, we learn about safety

at SocialWorks, we learn all we need to succeed – independently!


So you want independence

It shouldn’t be something you’re fighting for

You can come to SocialWorks and

Learn things you just can’t ignore

Are you ready for, ready for?

SocialWorks? SocialWorks?

‘Cause once you’re here, once you’re here

there’s no going back

(Dance break)


When you’re home alone, it can be

Scary, so you watch TV

You get hungry, but don’t know what to make

And sandwich or Shake n Bake?

Look what’s in your pantry,

Don’t use the oven baby

You want to stay safe, and not get burned

You have to learn, have to learn


If you want independence, it’s really not that bad

If you go out shopping

Make sure you, tell your mom and dad

Who you’re going with, going with?

Do they know your friends, know your friends?

What your plan is, plan is?

Ohhhhh, and when you’re coming back!

Rap Break:

Independence, that’s what we want

Takin’ steps to be adults

Be careful, we all make mistakes

But coming to SocialWorks helps take off those breaks!

We learn about healthy eatin’ eatin’

The way to meet and greet’em greet’em… (to be continued)










If you want independence, it will be really cool

Just remember what you learned

Whether you’re in or out of school!

Are you eating right, eating right?

How not to fight, not to fight!

Are you keeping, calm, keeping cool!

Ohhhhh, and who your real friends are!


***Subject to change as the weeks go on! Just a working model of what we are working on in class as a part for our special presentation together! Please rehearse at home – instrumental can be found at – I will also post a singing guide to the SocialWorks Blog soon 🙂