Testimonial by Jenna Martinuzzi about RhythmWorks – Dance Program!

by dramawayadmin

Our Rhythm-Works Program

I am just writing about how much I love dance so much based on my experiences of the number of years I have been involved in. The reason why I was interested in the Rhythm-Works Program I had a friend Amy Glass invited me to see her dance, and my mom and Gary came along with me we also took her out for dinner in the Scarborough Town Centre.

After dinner she had to get ready for her dance performance in 2007/2008 Since Karen Glass introduced the Rhythm-Works Program to us to deiced if I am interested in this program.

Afterwards my mom singed me up for dance the Rhythm-Works Program. In 2008/2009 was my first night into the Rhythm-Works program.

Last-year in 2013/2014 our parents decide it makes scene if we just carpool with each other. Since Amy recently moved out from her parents’ house we lost our relationship with each other which happens a lot it’s a part of life. Anyways I am still attending the Rhythm-Works Program with Gerald Fantone and he really enjoys having me in his dance program. So I encourage everyone to participate we have only eight people joining and we need even more people to join us before we run out of hip-hop dancers that we can fit you in. FYI Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook or go to our website http://www.dramaway.com
We love you all!!


Jenna Martinuzzi