Updates regarding class progress for VisualArtWorks, RhythmWorks East & DramaWorks Process!

by dramawayadmin

Weekly Update – Apr. 28 – May 2/2014

Everyone was present in class this week, which was great to see. The group continued work on their colourful Bean mosaic pieces. They started priming their canvasses for the final and last project of the year.
The artists enjoy spending time choosing inspiration for their final projects which is based on microscopic photographs of tissues and cells. Thinking of growth and expansion … the artists will no doubt enjoy personalizing their pieces and preparing them for our year end showcase in June.

Attendance was a bit low this week but the group forged ahead doing a run-thru of the show from beginning to end. This is a testament to how focused our performers have been. Our Intern Paula S had fun leading a warm-up with the group.

Trying the show out on stage was a bit of a challenge but overtime we are confident our performs will adjust and make the most of it.

We were happy to see everyone was in attendance and this allowed us to complete work on our finale dance, our hip-hop routine to the tunes of “The Walker” by Fitz and the Fantrum while we also had time to even re-visit our choreography to Feist’s “1234”.

We started filming our Tutorials of the Choreography so our Dancers can rehearse as much as possible from the comfort of their home.

We will update you when those videos are up and available on YouTube for you to access.



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