Guest Artist, Advocate, Educator, TV Host & Consultant Jahmeelah Gamble came to visit DramaWay ActingWorks today

by dramawayadmin

Our ActingWorks crew had a wonderful session this morning as they had a one-on-one sit down face-to-face with Advocate, Educator/TV Host & Consultant Jam Gamble. I only recently met her yesterday when I had the pleasure of featuring our work on her TV Show “A Voice For All” yesterday with Dariush Yan Zarrabi.
It was a wonderful segment, and it is a true honour that she took time out of her busy schedule to visit us today at Swansea Town Hall during our ActingWorks Program with Brooke Banning of Peanut Butter People and Erin Roy Theatre Practitioner and current volunteer.

Take a look at Jam Gamble’s work and feel free to share this link with others.