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Month: September, 2014

2015 DramaWorks production to be inspired by musical.

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard, what we are planning to do our year end DramaWorks production and that its based on a musical.  Participants seem extremely keen and eager to work on this years production.
As always, every year we challenge ourselves to do something different and this year will be the same. We will be aiming to do the classic production but condensed of course as it’s a long play. Our goal will be to keep the production running about approximately 1-hour. We often don’t reach this goal but we do hope we can achieve this, this year. We also are working on finding ways that we can best showcase our actors. We have arranged to cast and rehearse differently so that this can be accomplished. What this means for you and your actor, is that you may see a couple of different actors sharing a role. For example we may have two of the same character, where one actor plays that role in several scenes and the other plays that role in other scenes. The reason we are hoping to choose this approach is so that we can ideally keep all actors busy during all rehearsals by having small groupings, where everyone gets to work on a set of scenes for the whole year. This way, actors aren’t merely becoming familiar with some scenes but forgetting others, they have less scenes perhaps, but more time to perfect their roles in these scenes. It also allows actors to work with consistent helpers, which we find is beneficial for our actors and supports their needs best.

If you have any questions about this approach, do contact Danielle our Director at the office 416-614-1078. We encourage all actors to remain open to playing the role that our staff/volunteers deem the best fit for him/her. We will take all elements into consideration. How actors can prepare for the casting is to prepare a short song for their audition (if they desire to have a solo) as well as start becoming familiar with all the character options. Again, we will adapt the script so we cannot include all the characters from the original movie or play, but most of the stock characters will be included. The exciting element this year, is that we are also allowing each role to be played by either gender. If we think the character of Annie could be best played by a male, then we will alter the name to reflect that and have a male play that character.
Taking on this approach, opens the doors for all our actors and presents many possibilities.

We are excited for yet another production!

If you’d like to get involved as a volunteer, please contact Lizz Hodgson at dramawaycoordinator@gmail.com

Have a great weekend.


Wednesday, October 1st is World CP Day

Hi Everyone (Drama Volunteers & Participants & Families),

Wednesday, October 1 is World CP Day – a global innovation project to change the world for people living with cerebral palsy (CP) and their families.

Although we aren’t having our class that day, due to our rental facility being closed, you can personally show your support by getting involved with World CP Day this year!

Here’s how you can participate:

Wear green to your DramaWay classes that week. We’ll then be taking photos of everyone in their green attire to share on Social Media. But don’t forget to also wear green where ever you are in Toronto on October 1st if possible!

Organizations all over the world will be wearing green to recognize World CP Day. If you’d like, take a picture of your “green team” and send it to us at dramawayoffice@gmail.com we’d be proud to share and like. We’d love to post it on our blog, Facebook & Twitter. If you have not signed your media consent and would like your child to participate, please ensure you sign when you are back at DramaWay next.

If you are a real keener, you can take on this project with your family where you post an idea on the World CP Day website. They’re looking for an idea to change the world for people with cerebral palsy…and the idea might become a reality AND there are prizes!

– The most creative and innovative ideas will be eligible for a spot prize of an Apple iPad.

– The non-profit organization whose clients, staff and supporters post the most number of ideas before 31 October will win a $10,000 prize.

– The person whose idea scores the highest number of votes wins a $500 prize (voting opens 1 October).

Check out the website if you’d like to submit an idea and view other ideas: https://ideas.worldcpday.org/a/panel.do

3. Spread the news and encourage anyone you know touched by cerebral palsy to submit ideas.

Thanks for supporting World CP Day with DramaWay!

RhythmWorks West starts back tomm with Brooke Banning & Jenny Hodgson

We look forward to seeing all our West End Dancers tomm at 2:45 pm at Swansea Town Hall one of our favourite rental facilities!
It’s inspiration to dance and groove in their beautiful space.

Get those bodies stretched and ready to go people!

Classes start back today September 18th, 2014

This is a reminder that the following classes start back today, Thursday September 18th, 2014

SingingWorks West, DramaWorks West & ExpressionWorks.
Our other programs that will run will commence next week including:
DramaWorks Group A & Group B
DramaWorks East/Scarborough
RhythmWorks West
RhythmWorks East

We look forward to being in action and can’t wait to see everyone once again.

Reminder to anyone who needs to submit updated medication forms please do so, so that our Facilitators can stay up to date with the necessary information.

Also a reminder it’s a NUT & LATEX free environment.

DramaWorks West Will Run!

We are excited that we have met our goal of 13 or more actors/performers for DramaWorks West so we will still be moving forward with that program.

We are also hoping to move ahead with SingingWorks, but we will confirm that on the 16th as we still need a few more registrations for that class.

Looks like Group A & B are shaping up also but we need a few more in Group A to run.

DramaWorks Scarborough has met our goal and above so we are excited to be starting back with that group also.

We do hope to run both RhythmWorks West and RhythmWorks East despite low numbers, stay tuned for our final verdict on the 18th.

ExpressionWorks is not at capacity yet, but is turning out to be quote popular so we are moving ahead with that class.

For now, we are not running MovieWorks West, Dramaworks Process and VisualArtWorks. Stay tuned to see if we ‘ll have these programs offered in the Winter & Spring.

Thanks kindly.

Clip from our Summer 2014 ActingWorks Intensive in partnership with Brooke Banning of Peanut Butter People