2015 DramaWorks production to be inspired by musical.

by dramawayadmin

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard, what we are planning to do our year end DramaWorks production and that its based on a musical.  Participants seem extremely keen and eager to work on this years production.
As always, every year we challenge ourselves to do something different and this year will be the same. We will be aiming to do the classic production but condensed of course as it’s a long play. Our goal will be to keep the production running about approximately 1-hour. We often don’t reach this goal but we do hope we can achieve this, this year. We also are working on finding ways that we can best showcase our actors. We have arranged to cast and rehearse differently so that this can be accomplished. What this means for you and your actor, is that you may see a couple of different actors sharing a role. For example we may have two of the same character, where one actor plays that role in several scenes and the other plays that role in other scenes. The reason we are hoping to choose this approach is so that we can ideally keep all actors busy during all rehearsals by having small groupings, where everyone gets to work on a set of scenes for the whole year. This way, actors aren’t merely becoming familiar with some scenes but forgetting others, they have less scenes perhaps, but more time to perfect their roles in these scenes. It also allows actors to work with consistent helpers, which we find is beneficial for our actors and supports their needs best.

If you have any questions about this approach, do contact Danielle our Director at the office 416-614-1078. We encourage all actors to remain open to playing the role that our staff/volunteers deem the best fit for him/her. We will take all elements into consideration. How actors can prepare for the casting is to prepare a short song for their audition (if they desire to have a solo) as well as start becoming familiar with all the character options. Again, we will adapt the script so we cannot include all the characters from the original movie or play, but most of the stock characters will be included. The exciting element this year, is that we are also allowing each role to be played by either gender. If we think the character of Annie could be best played by a male, then we will alter the name to reflect that and have a male play that character.
Taking on this approach, opens the doors for all our actors and presents many possibilities.

We are excited for yet another production!

If you’d like to get involved as a volunteer, please contact Lizz Hodgson at dramawaycoordinator@gmail.com

Have a great weekend.