ExpressionWorks update week of October 9th, 2014

by dramawayadmin

This week was our final week of clown and comedy in our Multi Arts Series. Our Leadership work is ongoing on a weekly basis.

A few people were away but we forged ahead with the fun and learning.

We had a surprise visit from CBC who filmed part of a class for their 11pm segment last night. Did any of you catch it? We would have given you a heads up, but they were there following Devon and his family and his individual journey, so this was an added benefit. We are excited that the community will get to see the great work that is being done in our community. Regardless, the extra bodies added to the drama and excitement of the evening, but it was all worth it!

Next week, we’ll be starting our crafty arts section in the Multi Arts segment so there will be lots of hands on work next week.

If you need further updates, don’t hesitate to contact our office or speak with Alanna and our staff in class if you prefer. We are delighted to have Mira S and Jon U on staff as well as our senior Volunteer/Consultant Susan A.

It’s definitely going to be a fun packed year of learning and exploring.