SocialWorks Families & Participants

by dramawayadmin

Hello SocialWorks Families and Participants!

Despite last week’s weather, we loved seeing everyone back for another great year of SocialWorks! As mentioned, we will keep our traditional programming this year, but we are adding a little twist! PLEASE VISIT OUR BLOG FOR WEEKLY PICTURES AND UPDATES:

As we have done in the past, SocialWorks’ focus will be to explore and flourish independent living skills through various types of arts mediums. However this year we will be taking those skills to a whole new level with BusiWorks! BusiWorks – short for BusinessWorks will be the focus of the SocialWorks, which will focus on aspects of creating and running an participating in a successful business.

Our goal is to cover the basics of business, and have enough business knowledge and confidence in money matters to create and run our very own business! To put our work to the test, we hope to host or take part in a trade show in the spring as one of our final sessions together.

The BusiWorks FALL/WINTER term will focus on looking at aspects such as, applying for a job, creating a resume, conducting an interview, money management budgeting and working in retail.

The SocialWorks SPRING term will focus on the creation of our inventory, which allows room for creative expression, development of artistic skill and individual creativity, as well as the development and tuning of fine motor skills.

Through the addition of BusiWorks, we hope that participants will have real hands on experience, sense of entrepreneurship and leadership that can be transferred and carried out throughout his or her daily professional lives. We hope to bring a sense of pride and accomplishment to the participants as they will have progressed and been an active role in creating the business from the very beginning.

Here is our tentative schedule for the Fall/Winter Term! SocialWorks Tentative Term Schedule

October 3rd – Welcome Week

October 10th – Team Building

October 17th – Creative Thinking Innovation vs Invention

October 23rd – Selling It! – Self Confidence & Persuasion

October 31st – Halloween Celebration

November 7th – Building a Resume

November 14th – NO CLASS –

November 21st – Interview Skills

November 28th – Parts of a Business Part. 1

December 5th – Holiday Party! (Parts of a Business Part 2!)


January 9th – Review of 1st term

January 16th – Workplace Hygiene

January 22nd – Workplace Safety

January 30th – Creating our Business!

February 6th – Mid-term Presentation for Families & Product Reveal!
Please let us know as soon as possible of any absences there may be in the upcoming weeks 🙂 If you know ahead of time, please contact our office cell at 416-614-1078 if it’s last minute or during program, you can call
Adina Isaacs
Drama Facilitator/SocialWorks Mississauga
647 962 4026

Happy Thanksgiving/Long weekend to you all!