Victor Khuromov joins as Digital Social Media Coordinator

by dramawayadmin

We are delighted to have Victor Khurumov joining us as our Digital Social Media Coordinator (intern).
He is glad to be a part of DramaWay and here is his brief introduction:

He worked as a supervisor for US Company in Chicago, finance specialist in Russian government and head of sales in a steel trade company he brings a variety of an experience that helps him solve difficult challenges.

He has a bachelor degree in Economy and currently attends Humber College’s postgraduate program “Global Business Management” that covers Marketing and Management. He tells us he came from a remote part of Russia called Siberia. He loves travelling and has been in more than 20 countries across Europe, Asia, North America, Oceania and Indian Ocean.

He also has a lot of hobbies. He was a pro skier in his childhood and has more than 20 years of experience with downhill skiing. Victor also likes cooking, reading, surfing, windsurfing, diving and boxing.

We believe his strengths, abilities and skills will be definitely be helpful for our DramaWay team and company.
Victor Khurumov photo
Welcome Victor!