Workshop in Oakville in November by outside Agency for girls ages 10 – 13

by dramawayadmin

Just wanted to send you all this information on a workshop our past volunteer and friend Sheelah Rodriquez has created. It will be hosted by The Clarity Centre in Oakville.
If anyone is interested, feel free to contact them directly.

Title: Yogi Girls

Cost of Series: $50 + HST

Drop in Amount: $10


Yogi Girls is a 4 week introduction to yoga movements and relaxation techniques to help support girls aged 10-13 who may be experiencing stress, worry and/or anxiety over difficulties in school, social relationships or day to day studies and activities.

Classes will focus on introducing concepts of body awareness, how to recognize stress and how to manage and cope with anxieties. Participants will learn relaxation techniques that can be used in day to day life.

Although we believe our SocialWorks program does cover some of these topics, this seems like a very worthwhile workshop and Sheelah is great, so worth checking out.