ExpressionWorks Update -Weekly Progress !

by dramawayadmin

This week our ExpressionWorks Program celebrated our first week of crafty arts by collaging animal masks! These were inspired by frog, cat and bird movement as well as music to get the creative juices flowing.

Our ExpressionWorks Leaders listened to some of their favourite music while crafting, and this helped to inspire their imaginations and it was great to see the outcome.

There was so much inspiration, that we had a spontaneous Wizard of Oz dance party during snack break because everyone was so into it.

While working on some ettiquette, we engaged the group in role-play in relation to crowd management moving around using “excuse me” aloud. Everyone imagined they were at dance rock and we had to tell our travel partner it was time to leave. We also worked on our communication and verbal skills as well as projection by sharing our Thanksgiving news during News Circle.

We are currently recruiting more volunteers to support this program, and if anyone knows of anyone that could be appropriate for this position, do have them contact us at the DramaWay office at 416-614-1078.

We look forward to the weeks ahead.