SocialWorks Families & Participants – Here is our update!

by dramawayadmin

Last week we focused on the idea of teamwork and the importance of teamwork in a business setting. We explored concepts and themes surrounding ways in which teamwork benefits the group for the greater good of the project we are working towards.

For those of you who have received your Spread the Word to End the Word Certificate (participants who joined us in 2013-2014 and participated in the video competition) – don’t forget that you are able to book a FREE TOUR OF THE TSN STUDIOS IN TORONTO! Please email Adina for the letter to your certificate for more information.

This week we looked at creative thinking, invention and innovation in a business context. Danielle our Director was excited to attend and watch the group in action as always! Class was buzzing with excitement over endless possibilities of things and was to innovate everyday objects. To get our topic of discussion flowing, we watched a short clip by the ever inspiration Kid President on becoming an inventor. You can find the clip here:

We also looked at a list of the 20 silliest inventions that ended up making millions of dollars such as plastic wishbones and wigs for dogs! in class, we explored several ways in which we could innovate and improve things we found in the classroom, and attempted to sell them to each other practicing our persuasion and presentation skills! (See videos and photos attached)

As a reminder; please bring your yellow binder to class each week. There are important forms to be signed by parents/guardians in the first few pages of the binder that need to be returned to DramaWay (i.e. Media Release forms). In addition, remember that the sheets that are sent home every week are used as a bridge between SocialWorks and home. They are not mandatory to complete, however it is beneficial for parents and guardians to take a look at what has been distributed each week and to try to explore these concepts in a real life context. This helps our program be even more impactfull for your teen/family.

Also for those of you who have not yet officially registered by payment – if you are able to provide 3 post dated cheques of $330.00 dated October 15th, January 15th and April 15th that would be the final step in your registration. Please provide Adina with these in a sealed envelope in class or bring in a sealed envelope for Danielle Strnad on a Monday to Erinoakkids or mail directly to 11 Emmett Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M6M 2E3.

SocialWorks Team