RhythmWorks West & East

by dramawayadmin

Our RhythmWorks dancers are all working hard on developing their rhythm and different styles and form of movement.

RhythmWorks West has been working away on their Lana Del Rey choreography, and RhythmWorks East has several routines that they have been trying out.  Our East End dancers have been introduced to a wide range of new approaches.  Not only are they continuing to improve on their dance skills, they are excited to be trying some new elements in the coming weeks. As Morgan is experienced in both dance and drama, they will be trying to incorporate some text work and even work in some story lines within the framework of their pieces.  We are all eager to see how this turns out.

We are looking forward to seeing our Dancers perform. Don’t forget to reserve June 7 and 8 for rehearsal dates and June 9 and 10th for the showcase dates. We’ll confirm timing and schedule come the New Year!

All the Best,
DramaWay Team