Roles Assigned for our 2015 Open Class Multi Arts Showcase!

by dramawayadmin

Hi Everyone:
We are delighted to announce that everyone is pleased and delighted with the roles they have been assigned in this years production.

If you’d like to know your actors role, please contact us by phone or email us at to find out, we will not post on this blog.

We are far from distributing scripts, but we are now at the point of editing and adapting each group script now that we know who will be taking on which role.

The important thing to remember is that our actors are excited at our new approach this year of role sharing.
Many often want what they consider “lead” roles, however you know we sway away from these terms. But in reviewing, we thought we would try what some theatres have in the past, which is sharing a role. Therefore, in most groups we have about two roles that are being split between two actors. They will be told which scenes they are in to avoid any confusion once the script is distributed. In our larger groups like DramaWorks West and DramaWorks Scarborough we have 3-4 roles being split. If you need clarification on this new process, let us know, but we feel it is only fair to give it a try and see how it works out. Our main reason for doing this is so that our actors are more engaged in class as we can break up into groups for class rehearsals and avoid less waiting time for our actors.
We also considered feedback from audience members and families and as a result, have the goal of keeping the production shorter this year, if all goes well. Fingers crossed we can meet this goal! I know we’ve tried this in the past and haven’t always kept it under what we hoped, but perhaps this year is the year! We remain hopeful.

Thanks for your continued support and encouragement.
We remind you to keep an eye out for our Indigogo Fundraising Campaign which we hope to release soon.

Stay tuned.