ExpressionWorks celebrates Fall with their active and engaging Halloween Craftiness!

by dramawayadmin

As we entered our third week of our Crafty Arts session, we definitely enjoyed our spooky stretch to some favourite Halloween classics!

We also worked on our speaking and presentation skills with our Halloween news circle. It was great to find out all the wonderful events and activities everyone had in store. We also moved on to develop our articulation through the Monster Mash song.

We got detailed when it came down to designing artist ghosts in two separate groups, then leading around the room, following the directions of our crossing guard, Petra! Way to go Petra!

One of our highlights this term, was when our dear friend Jeffrey started our “Are you afraid of the dark” spooky story creation closing with a dramatic effect using glow sticks! None of us will forget that moment! Way to go Jeff!

We were also emotional when it came down to signing a card to celebrate our staff Jon’s new job.  He’s promised to visit us on the rare occasion due to his new schedule, and we are especially thankful to have the fabulous Alex back to join us in his absence.  All the best Jon in your future!

We also wanted to give Melvin a special shout out this week as he did an excellent job sharing his news with the group today! Way to speak clearly buddy! We are all so proud.
Can’t wait for yet another fun and active week.

Be safe on Halloween night. Don’t forget those bright colours we spoke about and practise your hygiene after eating any sugary sweets. I know we will! 🙂


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