Good-bye to our wonderful Jonathan Ursini of ExpressionWorks

by dramawayadmin

We are sad to announce that this week was the last week for our staff member Jonathan Ursini of ExpressionWorks.
He has taken on another position which is exciting for him, but we will miss him dearly.
Our group gave him a wonderful send off last night and we look forward to seeing him at some point in the future.
We wish him all the best in the future. On the plus side, this means, we get one of our wonderful Senior Staff members back, Alexandra Marcozza. She will join our ExpressionWorks team this week until the New year. She may be travelling for a portion next year, but for now, we are glad to have her back with the group and since she’s subbed for the program before, most of our participants are quite familiar with her, so the transition should be seemless.
Thanks again Jon and welcome back to Alex!