ExpressionWorks Update week of November 6, 2014

by dramawayadmin

Our ExpressionWorks group is excited to start culinary arts next week! This is the favourite for many of our participants, so we look forward to delving into this section of the program.

This week our group practiced tongue twisters chosen by our Leader Enrica in her dramatic fashion.

The topics we were focusing on included Presentation skills and self advocacy.

We also got creative and funky with our found object puppetry.

Prior to all our business and being active, we warmed up with making the perfect group machine, complete with original sounds and actions of course!

Developed our choice making and decision making while we choose which objects to incorporate, while also discovering the face and function of our puppets before piecing it together.

We thank our Volunteer Susan for helping us so bravely with the hot glue-gun.

Some of our highlights this week were the development and creation of fantastic recycled art! Making objects new again!

We look forward to another exciting week with our staff & volunteers.