Week 1 of Culinary Arts at ExpressionWorks yesterday Nov 14, 2014

by dramawayadmin

Last night was extremely exciting we had two new youth volunteers join our ExpressionWorks program thanks to Volunteer Toronto. Alex and Gwen took part in our program last night and it was great to have some new energy infused into the group.

The group enjoyed introducing themselves to our newcomers and showing them how we stretch.  We gave a big shout out to Jordan Powers this week for his clear and on topic news about watching the Santa Claus parade. Hard to believe the Holidays are just around the corner.

We also shared what’s current in our lives and continued to develop our communication and conversational skills by asking questions to learn more about our friends. There was real excitement in the air to begin our culinary arts month!

We also worked on our literacy skills by taking turns reading recipes aloud, while also checking in for vocal clarity.

Big props to Alanna-Stephanie and Anna who demonstrated a polite way to give constructive feedback.

We are also all feeling proud that we succeeded in completing our first snack together.  We broke into task teams to wash and cut the tomatoes, sliced cheese, butter the bread, and put it together in the oven.

We’d like to highlight a few of our leaders for their outstanding work. Sophia was particularly helpful with lending her oven expertise. Jeffrey and Jordan Fishbayne were also great helpers presetting the oven and setting the timers. We thank everybody for doing their part to create this great snack.

It was clear by everybody’s silence around the table that are sandwiches were enjoyed. The comment by Jordan powers was “Mmmmm.” Congratulations to Jordan Fishbayn for enjoying the tomato.

Thanks to Alanna Balicki our wonderful Facilitator for providing the group with a worksheet that linked our recipe foods to its food group.

We have the recipe available down below or email us if the link doesn’t work at dramawayoffice@gmail.com

Tomato and Cheese Sandwich

We definitely appreciate everyone’s patience during these sessions