A message to all DramaWay Families from DramaWay Parent; Patricia Parker

by dramawayadmin

November 2014

We are posting this on behalf of Patricia Parker who wrote this on her own. Much thanks Patricia.
Hello everyone –
By way of introduction, I am a DramaWay parent. My daughter Victoria has
been an enthusiastic participant in DramaWay programs since 2000. Both
Victoria and I are among DramaWay’s and Danielle Strnad’s biggest fans.
Many of you will know that Danielle’s vision for a community based creative
arts program for individuals with special needs began as a single program
with five participants in 1999. Currently, in 2014 DramaWay hosts 14
programs across the GTA with over 300 participants in fine arts
programming – including theatre, film, dance, visual arts, singing and
drama-based life skills development.
Danielle’s philosophy has always been to put program participants first, and
she is sensitive and gifted in creating opportunities for each participant to
shine in their own special way. As DramaWay has evolved in size and
scope, the administrative and funding challenges of operating this multi-site
creatively diverse program have also increased significantly.
Recently, I contacted Danielle to ask her how I (as a parent) or we (as a
group of families) could best support her vision. We talked about the
possibility of starting a parent/family “advisory committee”. As families, we
are a diverse group of people with a shared experience – each of us loves,
supports and advocates for a family member with special needs.
It occurs to me that as a group of stakeholders, we have the potential to
participate in the ongoing success of DramaWay in significant measure.
For example: who among us has –
– media contacts that could help showcase this unique program to a wider
– connections to the arts community which might provide access to stage
facilities for performances?
– personal experience or professional expertise in fundraising?
– corporate connections that might open the door to corporate sponsorship?
– personal connections with individuals who might be willing to contribute
financially, or through gifts-in-kind – (for example materials for costuming
or staging, or food backstage for volunteers and staff on rehearsal and
performance days)?
– expertise in strategic planning, business development, public relations,
financial management or legal issues?
– willingness to sit on a parent/family advisory committee in support of
Danielle’s work?
– the time to volunteer in a one-to-one capacity to assist DramaWay
members who need individual attention in order to participate fully in the
First – I encourage each of you to think about how you or someone you
know could support DramaWay.
Then – I invite you to contact Danielle or me directly. Are you interested in
being part of an advisory group? Could you contribute directly in any of the
areas listed above, or do you know others who could do so? What other
ideas do you have about how we as families could participate as active
stakeholders in the ongoing success of DramaWay’s community based
multi arts program?
Danielle can be reached via dramawayoffice@gmail.com, and you can
connect with me at patricia.parker@sympatico.ca.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Patricia Parker