ExpressionWorks update November 20, 2014

by dramawayadmin

We would like to congratulate all our stretch leaders yesterday for leading such happy stretches. A special shout out to long time alumni leader Sophia who led our first ever team-stretch!  Also kudos to Melvin who led his first in-class stretch to Michael Jackson music. Way to do it in style buddy!

We also worked on our articulation and language skills by practicing a tongue twister about Belinda’s bakery. Got us all hungry for the Holiday treats early. As leaders we also took turns speaking clearly and properly assessing whether our friends could be heard, encouraging them to practice and try it again if need be.

Together we worked in 4 snack teams to prepare our recipe: Caramel Fruit. In three teams we washed and cut out apples and pears, while the other team measured and mixed our caramel sauce. We were busy bees indeed.

After enjoying our choice of fruit with optional dipping caramel, we washed and cleaned out dishes of course.

We then took some quiet time to reflect privately in our journals or some choose to share to the group verbally their favourite memories and advocate our favourite vitamin C choices. We were reminded that Vitamin C helps our bodies stay strong and healthy during the cold and flu season especially.

We have two more snack weeks before the holiday break!!

Everyone is strongly encouraged and urged to bring a DRY pair of indoor shoes to help keep our dance floor dry.

Leave wet boots in the hall please before entering our performance space.

Thank you!!