Indigogo Campaign going strong!

by dramawayadmin

It’s the final count down!  With only a mere 33 days left in our Indigogo Campaign, we are $3340 short of reaching our fundraising goal. For those who have not watched our short video and shout out for support, please take these few minutes to watch.  As the New Year approaches, we are reminded of the many costs that we incur most of which are not covered with our program fees.  With the season of giving upon us, don’t wait for the snow flurries to creep on on you before you get the urge to give… act now to support our worthy campaign.  A mere $5 or $10 goes a long way for our budget.


Featured in our campaign link below are many incredible actors, but today we’d like to place a spotlight on one of our long time DramaWay performers: Caroline Richter! Caroline has been with DramaWay for quite some time now, she’s attended various programs such as MovieWorks, DramaWorks Group A, our Multi Arts Enrichment Camp, SingingWorks and now DramaWorks West!

We still recall the first time Caroline joined DramaWay and she arrived at opening circle.  Singing bravely in front of her new friends, she proudly displayed her broadway singing chops!  Everyone knew her from that day onwards as a singer!  She even helped to compose some of the lyrics of her song the first year she came to us. Caroline has always been such a dear to credit all of our staff and volunteers as beneficial supports in her life and we are grateful for her eternal gratitude.  Her love of musical theatre is what inspires us all. Caroline always brings to class a wealth of historical facts in relation to any musical or theatre piece we might be working on. Her love of classic characters in plays such as The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Anne of Green Gables and the like are memorable for us all. It’s a joy to hear this passionate lady sing along to The Hills are Alive or Kindred Spirits while setting up for a class.  Caroline is also a lover of all animals and is one of the best pet owners that we know.  Her kindness and compassion for others, has definitely been encouraged by her loving mother Janice Coleman. Caroline always beams with pride about her mothers many talents, whether it be a successful business owner of a Dog Daycare or her years of experience as a professional writer, or perhaps her talent as a stunning visual artist … these two strong ladies are a big part of DramaWay. They have affected our lives, just as much as we have made an impact on theirs. It’s lovely to see their smiling faces each week and we look forward to many years of continued growth.

Donate today and know you are making a huge difference in their lives and many others as well.