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EW feedback week 3 cooking

Our most delicious snack week yet!!

Big thanks to Alexia for starting our stretch party this week. We embraced the holiday season early with festive music, lights and cheer.

We shared some great news during our traditional news flash, continuing to practice our speech clarity into our recipe reading time as well.

This week we baked tasty Homemade Potato Chips. And boy were they delicious!

In four groups, we foiled or baking sheets, sliced red and sweet potatoes, measured and oiled the potatoes. A big thank you to everyone who worked carefully with knives, and managed the baking in the oven. A shout out to Jordan Powers and Sophia for their help with setting timers, moving trays in and out of the oven, and flipping our tasty tatters so they were crispy. While they helped with oven tasks, we completed our 5-food group worksheet and enjoyed matching various food pictures to their place in a supermarket. Julian looked very professional wearing a Sobeys foodie.


All our hard work and sprinkle of rosemary really spiced up our taste buds with a healthy substitute for our potato cravings. We hope you all enjoyed your to-go treat! Thanks for everyone’s patience as we ran a few minutes late.

A reminder that we’ll be baking cookies next week before we part for the holiday break.


Here’s a few shots of this past weeks session, enjoy!


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