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Month: January, 2015


Hello Expressionworks Families & Participants,

We are delighted to see everyone embracing their own GROOVE on the dance floor at ExpressionWorks. Thanks to Alanna Balicki for sparking this fun GROOVE movement here at DramaWay. History in the making! We will continue to express ourselves through fun fitness and stillness tonight for our expression-hour.

Alanna would like to encourage everyone to please continue to bring indoor-shoes, water and a small NUT FREE snack if desired. Thank you for your continual efforts in helping us keep our dance-floor safe and dry!

A quick reminder to encourage everyone to arrive with leadership folders (handed back over holiday break) as we will be using them during upcoming Thursdays as we celebrate cultural diversity and get excited over our next theme inspired by the PanAm games.

Stay warm and well,
ExpressionWorks Team


DramaWay partners with Little Yogini to offer inclusive creative movement programming in Mississauga

We now have Andrea Beebe on board to offer a Creative Movement program on behalf of DramaWay in partnership with Little Yogini in the Mississauga area. If anyone is interested in Yoga & Creative Movement we encourage you to check it out.
Here is the information.

Yoga Flyer FINAL combined adults children spring summer 2015 V3-1

Andrea’s Bio

If you have any questions, contact Francesca at the number listed on the flyer for further information.
Andrea and are staff are glad to be involved with such a quality program, and we look forward to sharing our creativity with yet another community.

DramaWay to be interviewed February 4th, 2015

Hi Everyone
We are exited to announce that after several attempts of trying to connect with Connect 4 Life & Voices 4 Ability, we have finally secured and arranged an interview. The Director, Founder & President of the program Melanie Taddeo will be interviewing our Artistic Director & Founder on Feb 4th from 12 – 12:30 pm.
We’ll keep you posted as to where this will be made available, we believe you will likely be able to listen to it through their website
Listen to them live @voices4ability.com/player.html

We invite you to join them on their Social Media pages listed below if you are interested:





We are excited to connect with a radio station dedicated to issues relating to the community.
Stay tuned.

Yoga Girls run by Sheelah Rodrigues

A friend of ours is running this program.
Check it out and share with others
YogiGirls (2)

Weekly Update

Hi Everyone:
DramaWorks is deep into our rehearsal process, working currently on blocking and focusing on where actors move to and fro on the stage. We are also encouraging everyone to continue to watch tutorials on our YouTube page.


In SocialWorks, we are continuing to develop and create our business products as we move forward, and we got a new volunteer on board named Gajun, we welcome him to our DramaWay team.

RhythmWorks Dance troupes continue to develop and polish their choreography for the year end showcases.

ExpressionWorks has been enjoying exploring with Groove with Alanna and our Support Team. We are glad to have Dina Cipin past DramaWay support staff and Facilitator to join that group on a few occasions.

We’ve also had two new volunteers join DramaWorks on Tuesday nights from The York School. Helena and Lexi we welcome you and are eager to have you on board as we move forward to polish our production for our year end showcase.

We’ll also be having a new staff on board named Alysha Hunsberger for DramaWorks West and DramaWorks East Scarborough as our lovely Alex Marcozza is now away for quite some time working on other theatre projects. We wish her all the best and are glad to have the enthusiastic Alysha eager to join our Wednesday and Thursday night programming.

Lisa Parison Casting is auditioning Tuesday in Toronto for small speaking part for young male between the ages of 6 to 20 with Down Syndrome

I was told that Lisa Parison Casting is auditioning on Tuesday in Toronto for a small speaking part for a boy between the ages of 6 and 20 with Down syndrome.

There is a little flexibility on the time, day and location, if necessary.  They may travel to the applicant, if necessary.

They are making a movie based on the book Unless, by Carol Sheilds.

Please send out the word to anyone who may be interested for this exciting opportunity!


Contact info:



or Veshnie 416-367-5225


ExpressionWorks Update from last week – 2015

ExpressionWorks Participants were happy to get funky and groovy this past week with their dancing & movement sessions.

GROOVE inspired Groovy Dance was led this week by Alanna Balicki as the group returned after the long break. The class went extremely well, and everyone was happy to shake off their winter blues by taking part in the movement.

It was lovely to have Anne our new Placement student in action this past week. She’ll be with us until June, and she’s also currently studying Arts Administration, so that will benefit us all!

Holiday News was shared by all, and a special moment was when we moved onto the reflection and stillness portion. It was beautiful to see the group enjoying complete silence which is a rare moment.

Everyone had fun showing their own way within the GROOVE movement. And we were lucky enough to take some video clips of the action. This will be posted on our Blog for your website.

We are seeing large leaps and bounds from all in the group.

Hygiene & Safe Scents Reminder

As we embark upon the cold winter, and wearing layers of clothing to stay warm, we have a few quick reminders.

Remember that at DramaWay, there is much movement and action in many of our programs weekly. Although you’ll all have to dress warmly for the outdoors daily, we ask that you be aware of ensuring to wear appropriate indoor clothing while at program. We encourage you to wear layers, so that if you want to wear a T-Shirt for the active work you are able and not overheating. If we get too sweaty or overheated in class, it leads to undesirable body odour, which then results in an uncomfortable environment for all when working in close quarters. Therefore, we ask that everyone ensure to apply deodorant prior to coming to program, and it’s likely a good idea to simply carry your own deodorant for times when you may feel you need to re-apply. This is particularly useful in classes such as RhythmWorks and DramaWorks where we will be doing dancing.
We also have participants and staff among us who have severe allergies to particular scents. This can be serious and lead to migraines or worse in an extreme case. Therefore, we ask that you aim to avoid wearing strong perfume or cologne when attending the programs, to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and remains safe in our DramaWay environment.
Remember, good sense means no scent!
Thanks for your co-operation in this matter.
Also PLEASE ENSURE TO BRING DRY INDOOR SHOES ON A WEEKLY BASIS. Leave wet boots outside of our performance area. A bottle of water is also always helpful for you to remain hydrated.

ExpressionWorks get’s their GROOVE on with Alanna Balicki at our ExpressionWorks program.

Here’s a short clip of an inclass process at our recent ExpressionWorks session.  The wonderful Alanna Balicki definitely had the full group in action having fun to the beats and rhythms with our team last Thursday.  Here’s a sneak peak at the inside process!

DramaWorks Group A & B resume today Tuesday Jan 20 and DramaWorks East/Scarborough Resume January 21

DramaWorks is back in action this week.

As we’ve had a considerable break, we are encouraging all performers to arrive early if they choose and are able.

Everyone is invited to arrive 5-10 minutes earlier this week if possible if desired. This way, we’ll have time to hear a quick update of all your Holiday news before we jump straight back into rehearsals. If you have plenty to share, arrive before class starts if you can, so you have time to share, as we’ll be getting into working on the script as June will arrive quicker than we all think.

We hope it was a lovely break and you got lots of time to rehearse.

We are including our current Hopeful Hearts Play list below as your Rehearsal Tool, available for daily rehearsing if you choose through our DramaWay YouTube channell.


We are also excited to announce we reached the goal of our Indiegogo Campaign so thanks to all who supported, as it helps us a great deal.  Now we’ll be able to cover some of our many costs for the year end Showcase.

We’ve had a new Arts Administrator join us as her intern Placement, so we welcome you Anne.

We also have had some new Volunteers come on board, from York School as well as from across the GTA.

Stay tuned for all the updates, and remember, our DramaWorks Rehearsals will take place on Monday, June 8th and the shows will be on Tuesday, June 9th for Group A & Group B and Wednesday June 10th for RhythmWorks East & West as well as our DramaWorks East/Scarborough.

SingingWorks Open Class showcase will be held at Swansea Town Hall on May 14th and DramaWorks West Show will be held on Thursday, May 28th at Swansea.

Stay tuned for more updates on our website.