Special Thanks and Mention to our generous Donors to our recent Indiegogo Campaign!

by dramawayadmin

Summer Nights Group B danceDramaWay would like to acknowledge and thank all of the individuals listed below for supporting and contributing to our recent Indiegogo Campaign which supports our year end Showcase.
Denise Knorr
L. Diening
Jessica Kardos
Lucie Grys
Alan Calvo
Paola Azzuolo
Nicole Anthony
Vera & Victor Tichy
Anne MacLella
Fred Schube
Christina Periera
Wendy Chalmers
Sharon Yan
Michelle Urbano
Erika Balicki
Douglas Price
Kari Smeaton
Michael Evin
Jenny B Edwards
Victor Khurum
There were numerous other kind individuals who gave generous donations, but chose not to be recognized. We thank and appreciate you. We also thank all of our yearly Production Volunteers in advance and all those who helped edit, film and create videos that supported this campaign effort.