Hygiene & Safe Scents Reminder

by dramawayadmin

As we embark upon the cold winter, and wearing layers of clothing to stay warm, we have a few quick reminders.

Remember that at DramaWay, there is much movement and action in many of our programs weekly. Although you’ll all have to dress warmly for the outdoors daily, we ask that you be aware of ensuring to wear appropriate indoor clothing while at program. We encourage you to wear layers, so that if you want to wear a T-Shirt for the active work you are able and not overheating. If we get too sweaty or overheated in class, it leads to undesirable body odour, which then results in an uncomfortable environment for all when working in close quarters. Therefore, we ask that everyone ensure to apply deodorant prior to coming to program, and it’s likely a good idea to simply carry your own deodorant for times when you may feel you need to re-apply. This is particularly useful in classes such as RhythmWorks and DramaWorks where we will be doing dancing.
We also have participants and staff among us who have severe allergies to particular scents. This can be serious and lead to migraines or worse in an extreme case. Therefore, we ask that you aim to avoid wearing strong perfume or cologne when attending the programs, to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and remains safe in our DramaWay environment.
Remember, good sense means no scent!
Thanks for your co-operation in this matter.
Also PLEASE ENSURE TO BRING DRY INDOOR SHOES ON A WEEKLY BASIS. Leave wet boots outside of our performance area. A bottle of water is also always helpful for you to remain hydrated.