SocialWorks Update Feb 10, 2015

by dramawayadmin

Hello Everyone,

Adina would like to thank you for all your warm wishes and support on her upcoming trip to Germany! Although this past Friday was her official last day as a Facilitator of SocialWorks, our staff would like to invite families and friends to join us at St. Marks for the last 30mins (7:30 – 8 pm) of class on February 20th for our official ABILITY Bracelet product reveal!

This past Friday, the group enjoyed an excellent outing at South Common Mall, practicing our social and money management skills – as well as community safety and hygiene skills. We were even given free cookies from Sweet Rosie’s Cookies as a treat! Pictures to follow!

Once again, to ease the transition and stay up to day with our classes on a weekly basis please follow DramaWay on Facebook as well as our Blog on the DramaWay website

As you already know, Emily Marino will now be our Head Facilitator assisted by Madison Burrell and our wonderful team of commmitted volunteers. We have 3 new volunteers to our team who have recently joined. Gajun a recent grad from the University of Ottawa, Victoria a program assistant from Erinoakkids, and Carrie another volunteer from Erinoakkids!

We look forward to this weeks class, but we also invite you to join us in class on the 20th!

Please don’t hesitate to contact our office or our Head Facilitator if you have any questions.


Dollarama visit

fatima with purchases


Gagan and group



IMG_4882 (2)

IMG_4893_2 (2)

jenna and money

Jenna eating

Jenna with money



Matt and friends

Matt L G


Volunteers with group ordering