Poster for our #DramaWay2015 Annual Multi Arts Open Class Showcase

by dramawayadmin

Feel free to share this poster around on Social Media or Facebook and email. Take note, we kindly ask no other comments are mentioned about the type of show we are doing. We’d like to keep this a surprise this year for the audience members, so we’d only like and permit information as listed in our poster to be shared. Feel free of course to talk up and mention that you/your child is performing in the showcase too, but simply offer only the information on the poster and nothing more. We will aim to get our Eventbrite page up and working fairly soon.
Thanks for your patience and let’s work hard to get the seats filled despite the shows being on a week night. Perhaps this will bring in a new crowd and even some school aged children can attend, as it’s definitely PG content.


Credit to Scott Murray of SJM Studios who developed and created this poster in consultation with our Artistic Director & Founder

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