ExpressionWorks takes on Jersey Boys!

by dramawayadmin

This week our ExpressionWorks program continued exploring with the Musical Theatre genre and in particular we took a look at Jersey Boys!

The group had a blast exploring with a Story Drama relating to Jersey Boys, while engaging in a whole lot of dancing which even led to even a full- fledged conga line!

Next week we’ll be celebrating musicals from Disney! Everyone let Alanna know their favourites, so we know next weeks class will likely and active one forsure!

Special thanks to our Pal Eric for getting the group singing ‘The Hills Are Alive’ from The Sound of Music.

Alanna reports that the new ExpressionWorks motto has been continuing and the group is really getting into it. We also give a big shout out to Petra for your leadership in supporting and leading our group through this positive chant on a weekly basis.