DramaWay getting known out in the community

by dramawayadmin

Hi Everyone

We are excited that word is slowly starting to spread and people are finally beginning to recognize the great work you are all doing here at DramaWay.

We are thankful for our Interns Anne and Mila who have been helping us to draw attention for our upcoming big Annual Multi Arts Open Class Showcase 2015 #DramaWay2015.

We just received word that well-known Canadian Playwright Judith Thompson will be attending our showcase. We are not clear on which date yet, but that is a true honour. We also just heard that Jeniva from Scene Changes Publications is happy to feature our productions in Previews so we are waiting to hear when that will come out.

We’ll keep working to get any or some local celebs to attend, let’s so who else comes out of the wood works. Thanks for helping us make this the best year yet. We appreciate your support.

Dramaway Poster 2015 (Web)