ExpressionWorks Update for Families & Participants

by dramawayadmin

Our TTC adventure is fast approaching. Tonight is on-site (same time, same place). Starting next Thursday, we will take our next 3 TTC classes off-site to sharpen your independent travel skills in the community and aboard the TTC.

To clarify the TTC dates (as one was pushed back due to Dec. postponed class):

TTC Independent Travel and Street Safety: April 23, *30, *May 7, 14.

1st session (April 23rd-tonight) is on-site to review our travel expectations, street safety, overview of what to pack, etc.

2nd session (April 30th) is our 1-hour introductory travel into the community. We will still run our leadership component with stretch and communication circles on-site before taking a short ride off-site.

3rd & 4th sessions (April 30th & May 7th) are our 2-hour sessions travelling in the community and allow us to travel further than ever before. We will aim depart from the front of 30 Birch Ave. promptly at 6:40pm and return for 8:35pm. Thank you for doing your best to arrive on time for these nights in particular and ensuring participants are dressed appropriately for the travel to and from the station. The weather has been unpredictable lately, as we all well know 🙂

We encourage all the families to email Alanna briefly with the following in mind so she may cater the off-site training to the group as much as possible:

1. How comfortable is the participant is with the TTC and/or being out in the community. Any considerations or triggers worth mentioning?

2. Does the participant require fare for TTC (does he/she already have a metro-pass and/or TTC Support Person Card?)
*This is covered as part of the program cost if you do not!

3. Is there is a TTC station or bus route or scenario that would benefit the participant in gaining practice and a better understanding of system? Alanna and our team will take everyone’s suggestions in mind while arranging the 3 off-site routes.

4. Is the participant likely to miss any of 3 off-site sessions; if so, which one(s)? Knowing this will help Alanna arrange our buddy-system in advance.

5. If your contact number (# you are most likely to answer during our session) has changed for some reason, please email this to us so we can update our records.

Please do your best to email Alanna at and CC our office at within the week, ideally before next Tuesday 28th, so our team has time to coordinate. Thank you for your involvement outside class!

For your information, here is a link to the TTC Support Person Assistant Card:

A note on safety: Alanna has arranged for extra support staff to ride with us, just to be super safe. Alanna’s cell-phone is available and will be on at all times, but obviously may be out-of-service at certain points underground.

We look forward to hearing back from you soon with the questions above in mind and to strengthening our independent travel skills over the weeks to come.