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Month: May, 2015

Photography Update – for ExpressionWorks this past week

We had fun with our Week 1 of our Photography section.

Photography teams for our team scavenger photography hunt:

Team Yellow:
Jordan F
Jordan P

Team Red

Team Green

Our photo scavenger hunt was a great success! We took turns sharing the role of photographer and framing our shots.

During our leadership hour worked in small groups and advocated for ourselves by answering questions we created a few weeks back. After listening to our friends share facts about themselves, we then introduced these facts about our neighbours aloud.

We are looking forward to bringing together our photography albums complete with great memories from our ExpressionWorks year.

If any leader has a few choice photos that they’d like to share with the group and have printed, please email to Alanna (dramawayalanna@gmail.com)before next Monday.


You are invited to attend ExpressionWorks final class on June 11th. Hope to see you there.

ExpressionWorks Final Class Poster

Check out this new program from one of our partners Sheelah at Yogi Girls

Yogi Girls

Yogi Girls is a 5 week introduction to yoga movements and relaxation techniques to help support girls aged 10-13 who may be experiencing stress, worry and/or anxiety over difficulties in school, social relationships or day to day studies and activities.

The Clarity Center
245 Wyecroft Rd, Oakville, ON L6K 3Y6
Phone Number: (905) 849-6868

Links to purchase tickets for our year end Showcase 2015


We have attached the link here for those interested in purchasing tickets to our year end showcase coming up on May 28th, June 9 and 10th. Don’t miss out, buy your ticket today.


Last Thursday marked our first 2-hour TTC venture in the history of Expressionworks. We departed as three teams, all of us in partners, enthusiastic to travel aboard the TTC! Two groups departed from our typical Birch meet up spot, but soon parted northbound and southbound. Dina and Alanna-Stephanie walked to ride the #82 Rosedale bus. The main group boarded at Summerhill, travelling northbound to meet up with Susan, Alex and Petra at St. Clair Station. We all met on the northbound platform and continued to Sheppard-Yonge station safely as a group. Upon arrival, we discovered the DWA and celebrated reaching our destination with our snack packs. We then practiced making phone calls with our partners in case of an emergency staged situation where we’d have to inform another of being late. On our southbound venture back to Summerhill, we practiced using polite language to ask for a seat, as well as give up our seat to someone in need and asking. We also followed our route on our maps, kept an open ear for the overhead announcements, and told jokes. Upon exiting Summerhill, we reconnected with Alanna-Stephanie and Dina for our final stroll back to our Birch site where we shared our fondest memories and excitement over next week’s venture south through Yonge and Bloor, and eastbound to Broadview. A fantastic adventure for all!
Looking forward to our final night with our guest Staff Support Raquel Beals on May 14th.
Good times.

TTC Update for ExpressionWorks this week May 7

Dear Expressionworks Families,

The groups seems very keen to board transit this Thursday. Our team is thrilled to take our knowledge and leadership out into the community. Last week we celebrated our upcoming venture, and even pre-packed simple dry snack bags to reward ourselves at the furthest stretch of our journeys.

Please take note that the 3rd and 4th TTC 2-hours session dates are May 7th tonight and May 14th, (that’s the day of our SingingWorks showcase from 4-4:45 pm so if you get inspired to attend that before hand we encourage you to do so).

Here is a brief overview/reminder of what to expect over our 2 remaining off-site TTC trips, starting with our half-trip this Thursday:

*As we will be travelling outside, please ensure proper clothing and footwear. Packing a water-bottle is strongly encouraged.

On May 7th, our plan is to travel northbound on the Yonge-line, likely travelling as far as Sheppard or Eglinton station, depending on our timing. Then returning to 30 Birch for about 8:30pm.

On May 14th, our plan is to travel southbound on the Yonge-line to Bloor/Yonge, and further east, depending on our timing. Then returning to 30 Birch for about 8:30pm.

Please note that exact timing is a little tricky to pinpoint of course, so we appreciate everyone being a little flexible as always. Thank you. We hope to utilize our final 15 minutes back at the Birch site to reflect on our off-site experiences before our typical departure time at 8:45pm.

Another note about safely. We will be travelling all together with assigned travel buddies within the group, and taking our time to ensure safety first at all times. Everyone will wear an emergency contact number badge (just in case anyone gets separated.)