ActingWorks update August 18th

by dramawayadmin

Class went well today. The group missed our dear friend Sam, but look forward to seeing him back tomorrow. Anne Page, the Actress came and she performed a monologue, which was a lot of fun. She even left scenes for us to work on that the group will look at tomorrow. It’s nice to hear that our actors are talking about the program at home too! Glad it’s being enjoyed by all. When visiting the group today, I enjoyed hearing Amelia playing beautiful music on the guitar. I was also told Amelia is working on a Russian accent for her monologue so this is something we won’t want to miss. Thanks to Jake for volunteering to do some research regarding Russian accents, the group looks forwards to hearing about his findings tomorrow.

We are already into Day 3 and we look forward to doing the following:

Start the day off with a Vocal warm-up, followed by reading the scenes that Actress Anne Page left for us. We will then move into finishing up our Legally Blonde Dance.
The remainder of our day will be spent working on monologues with emphasis on memorization, conduct character interviews, work on characters’ physicality while we will also answer a character questionnaire.
We will then be visited by Lizz Hodgson who will talk to us about casting and Directing.
We will then finish off the day with an object exercise, while also get into further Scene Studies, and continue to develop “Crave” our Collective Creation.
We also look forward to doing our headshots later in the week with Patricia Parker.

Much work ahead but it’s all enjoyable.
Well done performers. Keep up the hard work.

Thanks also to Anna Roberts for volunteering to support us during the lunch hour. We look forward to Asha Cote and her support next week as well.