ActingWorks Update & Summer Happenings

by dramawayadmin

We were excited to be joined by one new Performer this week. Glad to have you on board Sabrina.
The group loved working on Singing in the rain and I’m told they had a lot of fun. Brooke managed to work her magic and she got her hands on a bunch of yellow umbrellas so the piece looked amazing. Thanks Brooke.

We had to reschedule our Photo shoot with Patricia for today, so I look forward to hearing the update as to how the Head shot session went.

Brooke also handed out scenes for everyone to work on. Each actor seemed delighted with their role they were assigned. We are disappointed to hear that two of our performers will be away Friday, so we’ll miss them, but glad they got to take part in the majority of the program.

Today’s schedule will go as follows:

Voice warm-up
“My Favourite Things” vocal
“Crave” collective creation
Scene studies – begin work on blocking
Playwriting – character development

On Wednesday of this week the group will plan to work on:

Vocal warm-up
Rehearse vocals to Wouldn’t It be Loverly
Develop more Playwriting skills by writing the beginning of a story incorporating a who, what, when, where & why, so the creative juices will be flowing no doubt!
They will also continue their scene studies. After lunch they will work on their dance Macavity, the mystery cat followed by more Playwriting.They will discuss the middle of the story and what is the conflict in the story as well as explore more with their Monologues.

So lots to come before our program comes to an end this Friday. Lots of endings this week but that’s only a beginning to another journey, so well done to all those taking part in our programs this week.

We also say Good-bye to those who have been attending our 8-week KPAS Creative Arts Camp in the East End as well as this evening we will hold our FREE Open Class Showcase for our Summer Nights program at 30 Birch Avenue at 7:15 pm. Cash donations are welcome to help us continue supporting such programs.

Hope to see you there.