Class Updates

by dramawayadmin

ExpressionWorks has been going really well and everyone has really been enjoying the clowning around sessions! A lot of laughter has been had by all. We were glad to be joined by Myke Mazzei last night who was helping us out with filming.

We have also been busy at our DramaWorks sessions the past few weeks. All the classes have now been given the exciting news that we are doing our own production which will be inspired by the classic Cinderella tale. We of course will add our own flavour and style, and everyone has been keen trying out all the different characters. We encourage all our actors to remain open and once audition sheets have been handed out, each person is encouraged to focus on not 1 but 2 characters to focus on as they try out in our upcoming auditions. Details to follow soon.

We are excited to have Alanna Balicki on board once again to adapt our script to suit our DramaWorks program. As always our staff will tweak and edit along the way to ensure it’s suitable for each individual within our groups.

RhythmWorks has also had a great start, and everyone has kept busy movin’& groovin’ with Alanna Balicki and Brooke Banning. We are glad to have Anne McCallum as our Downtown RhythmWorks Support Staff and Jenny Hodgson remains dedicated at our West End program.

We are looking forward to getting a new Placement student on board in the New Year, and we hope you’ll all get to meet her at some point her name is Divya.

We also did our project with Michael from Montage Support Services this week and it went very well. We are glad we were able to help out with his staff training.

SocialWorks will start up October 7th and we are very eager to see how our new partnership at the Sheridan Centre goes. Looking forward to seeing all of our leaders back in action.

SingingWorks has begun rehearsing for our upcoming performance which will take place at St. Olaves Church. That will be an exciting event so stay tuned, we hope some of you can and will attend.

All our DVD’s have been handed out from this years past Showcase and if you have not yet gotten yours which you paid for, please contact our Director Danielle Strnad at 416-614-1078.