ExpressionWorks Update

by dramawayadmin

Last weeks ExpressionWorks class was lots of fun.

We enjoyed exploring with the typical Prop Game. Each person held onto the Flying Disc and they had fun suggesting what the item could be using their imaginations.

We introduced the concept that Clowns see things how they are instead of what they are. And this lead to us enjoying various different explorations.

We also had fun creating a place here our clown comes to life. This was done using colourful costumes and props. Everyone was extremely focused and stayed in tune with the discovery process.

We also find it successful to break the group into two sections based on their desires to either do a closing exercise with our Magic Box or the Visual Art Reflections.

We are excited to have Myke Mazzei also on board to support this program monthly with videography so that we can have our development recorded and then share with family and friends at the end of the program in the spring of 2016.

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