ExpressionWorks – Crafty Arts Week 2 – WEEKLY Update

by dramawayadmin

Hi ExpressionWorks Family Members & Participants
We embarked upon week 2 of our Crafty Arts section this past week. We all had a blast during our communication circle where we celebrated positive sharing and giving compliments. Our friend Petra led a compliments train to “Love Train” through the building. When we landed, we gave our neighbour a compliment. We made sure our compliments were: positive, from the heart, around a person’s personality (over appearance) and like a gift. We look forward to involving our compliment-building into letter writing in the future.

Our craft sessions brought shapes and still life drawing to life! We arranged fake fruit to model for our light into dark line sketching and shadowing. It was a creative evening and we felt supported by all of our wonderful volunteers. Thanks to all our incredible volunteers and here are a few shots of the night to show you how our work is progressing.

Unfortunately, despite the quality of our program, we are still low on attendees.
We still need a few more participants and we hope you can help us spread the word that we are open to having new participants join our program. Please direct them to our office or website.

Thanks for all your support.
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