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Month: November, 2015

Indiegogo Campaign Runs Again!

Indiegogo Poster 2016 Campaign_


RhythmWorks Downtown – Stay Cats Poses


Here is our Downtown RhythmWorks Program doing their Stray Cats moves. You can see by these photos the group has even created their own Team Names – #1 Hello Kitty, #2 Tiger Cats & #3 Wild Cats!

Please check our website for Winter/Spring Program dates, we look forward to seeing you all on January 21st, 2016.

Thanks so much.

RhythmWorks Team

Thanks to all who helped make these photos happen.


RhythmWorks Downtown Tutorial Video – Stay Cats

Here’s a super short practice video for all dancers who attend our RhythmWorks Downtown program with Alanna Balicki.
We are including the music link below:


Watch the video we are sending to your Email so you can practice this stepping pattern so we can be prepared for our big showcase date on June 11th, 2016!
Thanks to Claire for demonstrating for us.
RhythmWorks Staff Team

Amelia to perform at St. Olaves

This is not a DramaWay event, but we’d like to share the info as one of our DramaWay friends Amelia will be part of this performance and we’d like to encourage all those who can to attend. Yet, please note for all W/C users unless you can get out of your W/C this building is sadly NOT FULLY ACCESSIBLE.


St. Olave’s Anglican Church
Sunday, November 29th, at 5:00 pm
“Christmas Lights” – Featuring music, songs and entertainment.

At: St. Olave’s Anglican Church in Parish Hall
360 Windermere Avenue, Toronto (1/2 block south of Bloor West)

The event starts with a Evensong service in the church at 4:00 pm, followed by tea and treats and then the entertainment, at 5:00 pm. The entertainment features festive music, poetry and readings from members of the parish and community groups and is non-spiritual in nature.
Amelia McAfee Brunner will be performing a few pieces at this event and we’d love to have our DramaWay friends support her if possible.

All are welcome to attend. Free admission (donations welcome).

RhythmWorks 2015 Past Showcase Phootos taken by Volunteer Patricia Parker

Video Tutorial for all Downtown RhythmWorks Danceres

https://www.youtube.com/embed/H7W9p2Z_Myk” target=”_blank”>Video Tutorial for the Stray Cats Song for RhythmWorks Downtown Dancers only

This is for educational purposes only. Dancers are encouraged to watch and rehearse these steps so that we can perfect our choreography for the Stray Cats Song.



All of our participants should have received a notice by now reminding them of the end dates of our Fall Term for 2015.

We are posting here in the event the letter did not get relayed to your family.

The dates are as posted on our website.

Also our DramaWorks Program will be receiving their scripts this week and it is our wish and hope that all of our actors will utilize the Holiday Season and the break from Drama to learn and work on their characters and lines.

We will start rehearsals when classes resume in January.

We also hope to post some tutorials to our YouTube Channell called DramaWayPrograms so feel free to check them out. Here is the link

Fall Term 2015 Reminder end Dates

2016 Annual Open Class showcase

Save the dates of May 26th and June 11th, 2016 for our Annual Open Class showcase to be taking place at Swansea Town Hall & Papermill Theatre in the New Year.



ActingWorks gears up for a March Break Camp 2014

ActingWorks was a huge success this past summer. We have had requests to continue this programming in collaboration with Brooke Banning of DramaWay and Peanut Butter People Theatre. If interested, please contact us at our office. This Camp program is for those who would like to take their performance skills to the next level. email us at dramawayoffice@gmail.com

ExpressionWorks Open House – Full House!

Last night, we held our first Open House at ExpressionWorks. This was tailored in the hopes that we would have new participants attend and try out the program. Our hope is that we will be able to enroll a few new participants for the New Year. Fingers crossed.

It sure was a packed house. It was lovely that we had Matthieu and Jenn from our RhythmWorks Program join us for the Open Class after dance class. We also had our long time dedicated Volunteer and Senior Behaviour Consultant Angela Cha join us once again, while Jordan’s Grandmother came and our dedicated Parent Doris Power.

Everyone enjoyed our popular Stretch Circle as usual, while they also had fun engaging in our Communication circle. This time it involved a Tongue Twister that was related our snacks.

We also worked on our language skills by reading the Recipe of the evening aloud. This helped us to focus on the need to communicate clearly while also standing tall to deliver our message to others. We also worked on our writing skills while reading the recipe.

Our friend Noah performed a short piece during our snack time.
After our tasty snack, we broke into 5 different groups which had us creating wonderful Avocado Quesadellias. People were even asking for seconds they were so good! We think that was a good sign.

We were also delighted that our new Volunteer Sam joined us for the first time. Thanks to all our other talented and loyal volunteers and staff who helped to make this program so successful.