SocialWorks Update – January 2016

by dramawayadmin

Hello SocialWorks families and participants,
We hope everyone had a lovely welcome back to both school and work and of course your various extra circular’s!
Last week we focused on some creative writing exercises and creating story telling – using themes and ideas from our holidays to develop our own short stories. Each participant was given a booklet which includes the term work for the next 4-5 weeks – feel free to look through and prep your participant for the weeks ahead.
On the first page of the booklet you will find our program breakdown and timing. As you all know, at the beginning of class we sit down as a group to share something exciting either from our past week and upcoming -it’s known as the Welcome Circle or News Circle. This exercise is to get all our participants verbal and social for the group ahead – also to practice our turn taking and listening skills. We would like to propose that families prepare what the participant will share while at home or in the car ride over. We are sometimes finding that news is not always positive or on topic – and is sometimes not as concise as possible. In an effort to remain on task and remain focused, we would like to avoid interrupting our participants in pivotal moments of sharing with their friends. At times some individuals news time may run as long as 5-7 minutes that is allotted for it. Keep in mind, this is not homework per say – but prior to or on the drive over to programming, perhaps you can ask your participant what they would like to share with the group at the beginning of class. Giving gentle reminders to remain focused, positive and somewhat concise. If you feel your participant may need additional structure – perhaps come with a small written piece no longer than 3 bullet points to help focus the conversation.  It helps if you communicate with us at the start of class to inform us that s/he has this note so that we can review it if need be.
This week we will be looking at Winter Weather, smart clothing choices based on weather, and winter safety.
See you Wednesday,