SocialWorks Update – January 13, 2016

by dramawayadmin

All our SocialWorks Participants are excited for another term to be underway. As we move into this winter term, here is a quick reminder of what we’ll be exploring this evening with our SocialWorks Team


5:55-6:05:  Arrival

6:05-6:15: Introduction Circle

6:15-6:30: Let’s talk about weather, winter weather and appropriate clothing choices during certain times of the year.  We will show two Video clips during this portion to discuss and workshop these topics.

6:30-7:00: Group Discussion – Song/Lyric Creation

Review safety rules.

After reviewing the Safety rules, the group will be coming up with a 1-min  (or 1 verse and 1 chorus) worth of lyrics collaboratively. We will then combine these lyrics to form a full song! Inspired by What Do You Mean?

Once our groups are done exploring in small groups, we will be performing and recording  after the break (some groups may choose to add in a small dance component as well)! This segment will allow us to continue developing our decision-making skills while also working on turn-taking and communication skills.

7:00-7:10: Break (Please bring water and a small snack for break time!)

7:10-7:30: Song Presentations/Recording

7:30-7:45: Free time, social quarter

7:45-8:00: Closing remarks and clean up